Values we hold deeply.   

At the Mobile Food Market we believe everyone deserves access to fresh fruits and vegetables. To us, access means that people have enough money to buy food, people have transportation options to get to the store, and that people can buy familiar fruits and vegetables they enjoy and know how to cook with. 

We want to be part of creating healthy, more just and sustainable food systems in Nova Scotia. We're testing out new approaches for food delivery and food access in communities. We know this involves many different players, so we have worked to develop partnerships with growers, non profits, businesses, governments and communities. 

While our primary focus is to help make it easier for people to buy healthy fruits and vegetables, we also know the importance of community action. We work alongside community groups, organizations and leaders to address food issues in their community.

It's important to us that we help create a welcoming and fun gathering space in and around the market. We hope we can be a space that allows neighbours to get to know one another.