Our goal is simple: To find innovative solutions to food access issues. 

The Mobile Food Market focuses on making healthy, affordable, high quality food available in communities with limited access to healthy food. We understand geography matters. 

  • Across our region, some communities have many grocery store options while other communities have limited or no ways to buy fresh, high quality fruits and vegetables. We are working to bring food to the people.

  • People experience different degrees of difficulties with accessing healthy food. We know individuals with mobility issues, seniors living alone, low income families, and single parents are at higher risk of not getting the food they need every day. We are working in communities where many people have food access issues.

  • Sometimes the food sold in the local grocery store isn't the food we enjoy eating or know how to cook. We are working to offer a wide and tailored selection of fruits and vegetables in each community.

The Mobile Food Market brings fresh, high quality, culturally appropriate food to communities that need it most. 

How we made it happen: Working in partnership to explore and develop the idea.

Since January 2015, project partners and stakeholders have been working together to create Halifax's first Mobile Food Market. Our work focused on connecting with leaders in communities and potential partners to further develop the idea. The extensive engagement confirmed that food access is a serious and growing issue in our communities and showed enthusiasm and support for a mobile food market as part of the solution. 

Over the last year, partners from local communities, government departments and business have been working together to secure funds to pilot the idea and detail out a governance structure and delivery system that will work. The Mobile Food Market will run as a 21-week pilot and is modeled after successful markets in other Canadian cities such as Ottawa and Toronto

For a full list of our supporters, see the Partners page. 

Testing the idea: Pilot, evaluate, learn, refine. 

Over the course of the pilot, partners are committed to evaluating measures of success and documenting the project. In doing so, we hope to be able to share what we've learned and enhance our efforts to provide communities across Halifax with increased access to healthy food. 

To learn more about some of the key highlights from the summer pilot’s evaluation, please see Evaluation Findings October 2016