How-to Guide

We created this how-to-guide to offer advice and insights to community groups, municipalities and other partners who are interested in developing a community food project of their own.  During the course of planning, launching, and operating the Mobile Food Market, we learned many lessons and hope the information in this guide will support your efforts - whatever form your food project ultimately takes.

·      Launching a Mobile Food Market - A How-to Guide to Planning a Mobile Food Distribution Initiative can be downloaded HERE 


Throughout the duration of the Mobile Food Market initiative, Public Health (Central Zone) within the Nova Scotia Health Authority has led evaluations of both the summer/fall 2016 pilot and the winter/spring 2017 pilot. Evaluations were informed by sales data, key informant interviews, focus groups, as well as surveys with market customers. Both evaluation reports have been valuable in providing a comprehensive overview of the unique market delivery models and operational components while also assessing the Mobile Food Market’s ability to achieve its original objectives. Most importantly, the reports have helped to identify and highlight key lessons learned to help inform next steps. 

·       The comprehensive Summer/Fall 2016 Evaluation Report can be downloaded HERE 

·       The Summer/Spring 2016 Executive Summary Report can be downloaded HERE

·       The comprehensive Winter/Spring 2017 Evaluation Report can be downloaded HERE

We hope that others embarking on similar projects can learn from the process and the key findings detailed within the reports. Should you have any specific questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.